12 Fun Things To Do In Church

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1.-scribble in the hymnals

2.-burp loudly during prayer

3.-fall asleep and snore loudly

4.-go behind the pastor and say boo

5.-raise your hand and ask to take a piss

6.-ask during prayer if you can take a shit on the seats because your such a lazy ass and doesn't feel like moving

7.-ask where babies come from

8.-say to the pastor i fucked your mom AND wife last night and say your son helped too , then say your daughter really liked it.

9.-throw a Bible at someone and say think fast

10.-during the sermon say hurry up im having one of those sexual urge!

11.-after the service say that was the best nap of my life

12.tell the pastor im shir i wouldn't have fallen asleep if your pants had "fallen" down

bonus if you do it all in one day.double bonus if you dont get kicked out.triple bonus if the cops dont show.


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CC2LA_12 Fun Things To Do In Church

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