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I had a Dream

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I had a dream about you last night, A dream where I got all wet, I rode you like a pony, yes sir, But thatÂ’s not the best bit yet!

When you penetrated me, The blood came trickling out, But then when you got going, I started to give a shout!

You went faster and faster, Pushing oh so hard, And then you pushed me so much, That I was looking in the yard!

You pulled me back, and lay me down, And put me on the bed, Then you got on above me, And I gave you head

You screamed and yelped, And cried for more, But my mouth was full and sore, So you got off instead, You lay me back down again, On that pretty bed.

This story is nearly over, But not until the end, You got the phone and dialled a number, And over came your friend!

He went back, and you went front, And started to push and pull, Soon I was wet all over, And my whole body was full!

Nine months later, I called you up, And told you about our child, It was a little baby boy, And god did you go wild!

That was my dream last night, I told you fair and square, So now all you want to do, Is fuck me like a hare!


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smiley 3.5 R

submitted: 1+ years ago

viewed: 479 times

categories: men, women, relationships sex, sexuality





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