yo mamma

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Yo mama so FAT, she got hit by a bus, and said 'who threw that rock at me?!' Yo mama so fat and stupid she brought a spoon to the superbowl. Yo mama is so poor that she thought a quarter back was a refund. Yo mama is so stupid she thought Taco Bell was a Mexican Phone Company!! Yo mama is so fat that she walked in front of the T.v. and I missed 15 minutes of my show. Yo Mama's so stupid she sits on the TV, and watches the couch! Yo mama's so ugly when she was born they put her in an incubator with tinted windows! Yo mamma's so stupid, she got hit by a parked car. yo mamma so fat she makes free willy look like a tic tac Yo mamma's so fat, when she went to the beach, the whales sang "We are family!" yo mamma is so fat, she has to take a bath at sea world. Yo Mamma is so fat that when she went to the zoo, the hippos got jealous. Yo mamma is so fat that when she step on the Weight Scales it says...'to be continued'... Yo mamma is so fat she was measured at 38-26-36 and that was just the left arm... Yo mamma is so fat her belt size is Equator. Yo mamma is so fat she needs a map to find her butt. Yo mamma is so fat the circus use her as a trampoline Yo mamma is so fat that stunt agencies use her as an air mattress


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