The limo and the Pope

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The pope comes to LA to preach at a church. When he arrived in LA there was a limo waiting for him. He asked the chauffeur "You know, in all my life I've never driven a limo. Can I drive it?" The chauffeur let the Pope into the front seat as he sat in the back.

On the highway the pope was going 83 in a 75 area. A cop pulled him over. When the Pope rolled down the window the cop was very suprised to see him driving the limo. So he goes to his cop car and calls his supervisor.

"Sir, I now we must give tickets to speeding cars but isn't there an exception to important people?"

"Yes, why did you pull over the governor?"

"No, no. Much more important than that!"

"Really? Did you pull over the president?"

"No, no, no. Way more important than that."

Finally the supervisor gave up.

"Okay, who is it?"

"Well this may sound crazy but, I think its God because the Pope is the chauffeur!"


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