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Note: Person 1 is the person who is insulting. Person 2 is the insulted person.

Person 1 went up to Person 2 and said, what is 1+1=? Person 2 said "Uh...". Then suddenly his butt answered 2. (His butt is smarter than him)

Person 1 stepped on Person 2's foot and said "Ah! Damn it! I stepped on dog crap!"

Person 2 was going to rob a jewellery store. So he threw a brick at the window. It bounced back and knocked him out. (Note: this idea was taken from's Dumb Criminals. For more of these go there.)

Person 2 wanted to kill his wife. So he pushed her off the first floor.

OR Person 2 tried to kill his wife by pushing her off the 10th floor. To his frustration, she landed on a tree and was quite safe. So he tried to jump and land on her. He missed... (Note: Same with this one. Dumb Criminals.)

Person 2 is so dumb that he... 1. Tried to kill a bird by throwing it off a cliff. 2. Tried to drown a fish. 3. Climbed the glass wall to see what was on the other side. (Try these for those Blond jokes)


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CC0RE_Insult your friends!

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