Letters in Jail

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Once there was a man named Bill who was in jail for murder. One day, he got a letter from his elderly father. It read:

Dear Bill, Well, it's time for me to plant my potatoes. I only have one problem. I'm getting so old, it's hard for me to dig all those holes to plant them in. I wish you were out of jail so you could dig them for me. Do you have any suggestions? Love, Dad

A few days later, the old man got a letter from his son saying,

Dad, Don't dig holes in the garden. That's where I put the bodies. Love, Bill

The next day, the FBI showed up at the old mans house. They dug a bunch of holes in the garden, didn't find anything, thanked the man, and left.

The next day, the old man got a letter from his son saying,

Dad, Sorry it took so long to get those holes. It was the best I could do under the circumstances. Now you can plant those potatoes. Love, Bill


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