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My First Time

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It was a warm and sunny day, a perfect day for my first time. I took a deep breath and moved to where she was. I could see that she was expecting me, already in position. Her face told me that she was happy to see me. I didn’t want to keep her waiting any longer because I could see that she wanted to get started as soon as possible. My heart was pumping harder and faster than usual as I approached her. I took a warm wet rag and wiped her breasts with it just the way I heard she liked it. As I squeezed one of her breasts with the warm rag, she opened her legs wide for me. I started sweating but I could not give up having come this far and with that thought I reached for the oil and rubbed it on her big breasts until they were nice and shinny. She could not hide her feelings from me; I could see she enjoyed every second of it. Then the moment that I was waiting for came, I reached for one of her breasts and squeezed it as she mourned in pleasure until a white substance came out. And that was the first time I milked a cow!


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