Danielle, the annoying fast-talker

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I just had the greatest encounter with a telemarketer. Here's a transcript:

Me: Hello, this is-

Her: Hello, Mrs Flacco, this is Danielle, I'm with (I'm not quite sure of all that she said, she was talking really fast.), your local telephone company. If you sign up now, you can save a lot of money by supporting our new plan...

Me: (thinking) Huh?

Her: So, do you want to go ahead with this?

Me: (thinking hard of the lists of telemarketer games and tricks that I've found) Well, I was just wondering...why would we want another phone? You're calling me on one, right?

Her: Well, yes, but our telephone is so much more capable, improved, etcetera....

Me: Well. There's a bit of a problem.

Her: Yes?

Me: Well, I'm 12, and my dad's not home. Do you want to speak to mom?

Her: Yes please.

Me: Well, she's not here either. Sorry. (I hang up and start laughing hysterically.) She calles back half an hour later, once I've had time to go through most of my TMarketer pranks.

Her: Hello is Mrs Flacco there?

Me: She lives in another FREAKING STATE YOU MORON!!!!!

(I was talking about my dad's mom.)

Her: Then who's your mom?

Me: Cathrine.

Her: Well, what's your dad's name then, and how can I reach him?

Me: Well, I could give you his work number. (I hear scrabbling for pencil and paper)

Her: Ok, what is it, and speak slowly and clearly.

Me: One thing.

Her: What?

Me: He's really good at pissing off telemarketers.

I hang up.

Hope you liked it, and remember this in case your parents or parent are asleep when the idiot phone people call. LOL!!!


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