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Here is a list of some of the funniest anagrams on the face of the earth. If you do not know what an anagram is, don't worry. An anagram is a word/words that are made from another word/words i.e.- - con my fun

Mother-in-law - woman hitler

Elvis Presley - Presley lives

Desperation - a rope ends it

Eleven plus two - twelve plus one

Funeral - real fun

Information superhighway - a rough wimper of insanity

California - African oil

Vanilla Pepsi - nipple saliva

Austin Powers - power us satin

John Kerry - horny jerk

Osama Bin Laden - an Islam bad one, anal media slob, a damn alien S.O.B.

Justin Timberlake - im a jerk, but listen

Los Angeles Dogers - all negro goddesses

The Simpsons - mens hot piss

Punishment - nine thumps

Porn is good - dong is poor

Halloween - awe hell no!

Cats meow - cows mate

Prostitute - tourist pet

Spiro Agnew - grow a penis

Enduring - nude grin

Pi r squared (the formula for finding the area of a circle) - squid raper

Detroit Redwings - wetting disorder

You can try and prove that these are not anagrams, but they are, so dont waste your time trying to!


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