The difference between realistic or potential?

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One day after school, a little girl had a problem understanding the difference between realisticly and potentialy. So when she got home she decided to ask her dad.

The little girl asked her dad the difference between the two words and her father replied: "I will send you on this mission to ask your mother if she would sleep with Robert Redford for $1 million, your sister if she will sleep with Brad Pit for $1 million, and your brother if he will sleep with Ben Afflack for $1 million. After that, come to me and tell me the results."

So the little girl went to ask her family. She asked her mom, and the mother replied: "Well I have always thought Robert Redford was a hunk, so sure, why not for $1 million." The littler girl then asked her sister and she said: "Sure, I love Brad Pitt, he is so hot you dont even have to give me the money!" The litter girl then went to her brother and he said: "I dont know, thats alot of money, sure I guess for $1 million."

The little girl left and told her father: "Dad, I think I understand. Realisticly, we are sitting on $3 million. Potentialy, there are two whores and a queer in our family!"


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CBXBB_The difference between realistic or potential?

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