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There was this second grader and his teacher told him to go home tonight and get some spelling words. So the little boy went home and went to his older sister and said sister give me some spelling words she said shut up and leave me alone so he wrote that down then he went to his little brother and said brother giveme some spelling word he said nanananan batman. Then he went to his dad witch was watching golf and the little boysaid dad give me some spelling words he said FOUR so the little boy wrote it down and then he went to his mom she was cooking the little boy said mom give me some spelling words she said my buns are burning. He wrote that down. He went to school the next day and the teacher called on him to tell her his spelling works he saud shut up and leave me alone then the teacher said who do u think you are he said nananananan batman.The teacher said go to the principals office so when the little boy got up there the principal said how many licks do u want of the paddle the little boy was still reading his spelling words and said FOUR. When the little boy got back to class the teacher said what do you have to say for yourself the little boy said "my buns are burning"


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