The Priest, The Rabbi, and The Monk

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On this ship that was near mainland was a Priest, Rabbi, and Monk. They were all talking and quickly became friends.

Then the monk said, "I have this really good book I want you both to see. Hold on, I'll go get it." So the monk started praying very hard for 10 seconds. Then he jumped out of the boat and ONTO the water, not getting a single waterdrop on him and arriving on mainland. The rabbi and priest watched in shock. After a minute or two the monk came back, again, stepping ON water, not getting wet a single bit.

Then after awhile the rabbi said, "I also have this very good book I want you both to see." So he prayed very hard for 20 seconds, then jumped out the boat and onto the water, also not getting a single waterdrop on him. The Priest was absolutely astonished. After a few minutes the rabbi came back with the book, dry and safe.

The priest then thought, 'It must be the power of God!! If they can do it I must be able to do it too!' So the priest said to the monk and rabbi, "Hey, I also have this amazing book I want you two to see. I'll go get it."

So he prayed very, VERY hard for 30 seconds and jumped out the boat. But for some reason, he landed into the water with a big SPLASH. He climbed back into the boat, and thought, 'I must've not prayed hard enough', so he prayed once again for 40 seconds, and jumped. SPLASH he went into the water again. The Priest came back up and prayed VERY VERY VERY VERY hard for a whole minute, then jumped and again, landed with a splash.

The monk then said to the rabbi, "You think we should tell him about the stepping stones?"


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CBX4N_The Priest, The Rabbi, and The Monk

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