the duck cop

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A hunter is walking back to his truck from the bar and see's a cop looking at the ducks in the back of his truck that he shot. The cop says you don’t mind if I check to make sure these ducks are all from taxes. The hunter says no don’t mind at all the cop picks up a duck sticks his finger in its ass and smells it. The cop says this duck is from Arkansan do you have a hunting license for Arkansan. The man pulls out his wallet and says yea I do. The cop says ok lets check again. The man takes a duck puts his finger in the ducks ass and smells it. The cop says this duck is from Alabama you have a license for Alabama. The hunter pulls out his wallet again and shows him his license for Alabama and says yea sure do. The cop says I’m going to check one more time. The cop digs real deep this time and finds a huge duck sticks his fingers in its ass and smells it. The cop says this duck is from Georgia you have a license for Georgia. The hunter says sure do he pulls out his wallet and shows the cop. the cop is stunned and asks the hunter where you from boy. The hunter says how about you stick your finger up my ass and tell me.


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