Annoy the Annoying: Featuring the Telemarketer

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All I know is this: telemarketers are very, very, very annoying. Here is a response that will get them off your back.

When they answer, say that your not allowed to talk to strangers. If they say I'm not a stranger, I'm a telemarketer, then ask them why they're not selling phones, and just talking to them. If they ask to speak to one of your parents, answer, "O.K., weirdo!" Then put on a disguised voice.( disguise the voice to be parent, opposite sex of the marketer)Then, after listening to them, say, "Oh, I'm sorry! I was watching the TV! Please say it again!" After they're done explaining, if they've already told you their name, ask what it was again. Then, in a tone of surprise, say,"Oh! It's been so long! How have you been doing? Is your husband doing well? or did you divorce?" After they're done explaining it's not who you think it is, say, in a dissapointed tone, "Oh. Well, you didn't have to ruin it! You... ruiner!" Tell them you want to buy their product right after you have one last bite of dinner. Take about 3-5 minutes to do this, with loud noises such as burps and gulps.(Just find food in the fridge and eat it to do this) Then come back, and ask them where you were. If they were smart, they would have hung up by now. If they weren't, and tell you you were going to buy something, say, "I don't want your ******* product! (Use any bad word) then say, "Fine. Fax it to me at this number." Make the number up. Wish them a horrible day,and before they can respond, hang up. This works! Do it to as many marketers possible. It's hillarious!


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CBV8P_Annoy the Annoying: Featuring the Telemarketer

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