the devil

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There was a black guy,white guy, and a mexican guy.The white guy was playing baseball the devil poped up and grabed the baseball and said put your dick in my hand and if it melts u must come to hell with me but if it does not melt u can have your ball back the white man said ok.So he put his dick in the devils hand and it melted.So the devil said lets go then the white man said ok.Off they went.

Then there was the mexican playing soccer and the devil did the same thang. The mexican said ok and put his dick in the devils hand and it melted. Off they went.

There was a black guy playing football the devil did the same thing.So the black guy but his dick in the devils hand and the devil said what the hells going on.then the black guy said choclate does not melt in your hand it melts in your mouth. THEN THE BLACK GUYS SAYS OK WHERES MY BALL.


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