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YO MOMMA is like a vacume - She sucks, she blows, and she gets laid in the closet.

YO MOMMA is like a board - Shes flat, stiff, and easy to nail.

YO MOMMA is like a brick - Shes heavy, hard, and gets laid by mexicans.

YO MOMMA is so fat, when she went to get the mail, she made a 7.3 earthquake.

YO MOMMA is so stupid, she tripped on the cord of her wireless phone

YO MOMMA is so stupid, when I asked her if she had colored T.V., she said, "Sure... where are the crayons?"

YO MOMMA is so fat, she caused the city of Atlantis to sink when she fell on the ground

YO MOMMA is so ugly, that she has only been allowed to play one part of one play. She was Zorro the masked stranger.

YO MOMMA is so ugly, she won the worlds ugliest MAN contest.


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