The Vegetable

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One day a man had made special dinner plans with his wife for their anniversey at a fancy restraunt. He was suppose to meet him there after work but it got later and later and after she was two hours late, he, thinking something had come up at work, went home. He nerveously paced the room as the night wore on and finaly he got a phone call from the police. They said his wife had been in a car accident and was in the hospital. The man quickly left the house and went to the hospital where a doctor explained to him that his wife was in the I.C.U. and they were doing everything they could. After about three hours a surgeon comes out in bloody hospital clothes, and comes up to the worried man and sighs and says, "I'm sorry. We did all that we could but your wife is a vegetable. She will never again be able to talk, move, or even eat on her own -she will have to have a feeding tube. She will be alive but she will just lay there" The grief stricken husband wiped tears from his eys and said, "OMG! That' horrible!" To which the doctor replied, "Naw I'm just kidding man! She's dead!!!" xP


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