Looks can be Decieving

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A boy and his friend are trying to bring the easiest girl to a party. Whoever brings the girl who takes her shirt off to reveal her boobs, wins twenty dollars. One of the boys, Mark, starts to drive around, looking for a cute girl to bring. He finds a girl who is wearing a bikini, drenched in water, washing her car. He noticed her breasts are strangely large. He parks the car and asks her to come to the party with him. She accepts and they exchange phone numbers. The day of the party, Mark picks the girl, Susie, up. She is wearing a shimmery gold bikini. The two talk until he brings her to the party. He parks the car and the two join the party. The other boy, Joe, brought an equally attractive girl. Everyone meets each other. Mark immediately brings Susie to the bar and orders her three bottles of beer. Susie drinks each one obidently. Drunk and woozy, Susie rushes to a table, jumps on it, and starts dancing. "Woo!" Mark screams as Susie dumps a beer on her body. She unties her bikini and throws it to the crowd. Mark starts shouting: "TWENTY DOLLARS! TWENTY DOLLARS!" Joe shakes his head, laughing and walks up to Mark. "She had to 'reveal her boobs'." Joe tells Mark. Confused, Mark turns to his topless Susie, to see two socks fall from her bikini.


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CBTQM_Looks can be Decieving

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