3 ducks

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one day there was a big commotion down at the pond. well the police end up getting called down and 3 ducks.. yes ducks went to jail. well the next day in court the first duck walks and the judge says " state your name." the first duck replies with " my names duck" judge says " well what are you in for?" duck says " blowing bubbles in the pond." judge says with a concerned look on his face " ok, pay the clerk $50 dollars, be on your way dont do it again." second duck walks up judge says state your name the second duck says " my names duck duck" judge says " ok, well what are you in for?" 2nd duck repiles as the same of the first duck " blowing bubbles in the pond."

one again with the weird yet concerned look on his face, the judge says " OK, pay the clerk $50 dollars, be on your way dont do it again." the third duck walks up and the judge looks at it and said " let me guess your name is duck duck duck." and the final duck looks at him and says " no your honor, my name is bubbles."


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CBTIE_3 ducks

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