Sad Letter To Friend

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Dear £riend,

The$e da¥$ and night$, I’ve got a £eeling blue. I wa$ $en$ele$$ to think about ¥ou, and many other$ el$e whom u$ed to be di$turbed ¢razil¥.

M¥ propert¥ po$$e$$ion wa$ $poiled un$olveabl¥. Lo$$ it I’m hal£, plu$ it I’m whole. $omething e$$ential $udden lo$t awa¥, and ¢au$ed me $leeple$$ without ¢o££ee. It’$ about the $ad $tor¥ that ¥ou would never reali$ed.

It’$ about $omething of m¥ own $ake, in$eparable to the$e $alient $¥mbol$.

¥ou under$tand what I mean?

I Wi$h I ¢ould re¢on$tru¢t the high ¢la$$ li£e $t¥le on¢e again and be¢ome $o pea¢e£ull¥ ¢heer£ul a$ I u$ed to be $o £ar and $o near !

A $ad £riend of your$,

¥a ¥a

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