Four Floors

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A apartment somewhere has four floors. One room in each floor. On the first floor there was a firefighter, on the second a policeman, on the third a blind man, and on the fourth a young women taking a shower.

The women taking a shower heard a knock on the door. So she turned the shower off, put on a towel,and opened the door. At the door was the firefighter and he said "Congradulate me, I put out my first fire." She said "congrats" and closes the door goes back in the shower.

There was a second knock, so she turns of the shower, puts on a towel, and opens the door. This time it was the policeman. He said"Congradulate me, I caught my first criminal." "congrats" and she closes the door and goes back in the shower.

The third time there was a knock, she knew it was the blind man. So she turned the shower off and didnt bother putting on a towel this time cause the guy was blind. She opened the door and shewas right about the blind man. He says "Congradulate me, I GOT MY EYESIGHT BACK!"


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