Who won?

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George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are in a shoot off. WHO WON?

Dick Cheney

A guy from Texas, and a Kansas City Royals fan are in a cage match. WHO WON?

Niether of them- the guy from texas is too drunk to know whats going on, and the Royals fan is too busy trying to think of the last time he was confident in betting on his team winning.

Millions of people enter in the lottery for the 200 million dollar jackpot. WHO WON?

Someone that is going to suspiciously die within the next 48 hours

Fedel Castro, George W. Bush, and Saddam Hussien are in an English and grammar contest. Whoever loses will have there country blown to pieces in nuclear warfare. WHO WON?

I don't actually know, but I do know one thing.

It sure ain't Bush!


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