Mommy and Daddy

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One day a little boy was taking a shower with his dad. They were talking and the father says "Whatever you do not look up." The little boy ignoring his dad looks up and he says " Daddy what's that?" He says " That umm, that is my motorcycle!" The little boy says "Ohh ok." Later that night he took a shower with his mom. The mother says "Whatever you do do not look up." the little boy says "Ok mommy." Then again ignoring his mother he looks up and says "Mommy whats that?" She says "That there is my garage." The next day at school the teacher was going around the room asking the kids what they did last night. She finally arrived at the little boy and asked "What did you do last night?" He said "I watched my daddy's motorcycle go into my momm's garage."

The teacher fainted!


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