5 reasons women are better than men

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5.when wemon need to "clean up" they take a bath,get clean cloths,do there hair, put on make-up and brush there teeth.Men,brush there hair put on a shirt that "smells ok" ,puts on deodorant,then gets in the vehical.

4.When women go to a resterant they wash there hands cheak there make-up,order something small so they think they aren`t fat,eat slow so they aren`t slopy,and use a napkin.Men order something big,eat fast,burp,and go on and on about how slow women are. 3.When women sleep they read a book for a little while then they go to sleep take some pill or something so they dont snore and they fall asleep.Men watch t.v really loud so they cant sleep then they go to sleep, they snore, and they roll around. 2.When women take care of there kids they feed them, they change them, they watch them ,they record what they do,and they play with them.Men Play with them laugh at them and when they need a dipar change they make an excuse to leave.

1. When Women are sick they stay in bed they take medicine and dont leave the house.Men sit on the couch watching football drink doxctor pepper and go around the town to stores and other places giving the germs to other people.


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CBRPJ_5 reasons women are better than men

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