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Santa Clause

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One late Christmas Eve, a young girl of about 17years old was waiting up to see Santa Clause. She lived far out in the woods and received home schooling so naturally she was very lonely. She waited and waited and waited until 2am... Still no Santa... With a frustrated sigh, she went upstairs 2 her room where she quickly fell asleep. Around 3am, she was awaken by the sound of something grinding across her rooftop. She quickly jumped out of bed and crept downstairs where she saw Santa Clause putting presents under her tree. "Santa??" she said. the man turned around and said 2 her, "little girl, go back 2 bed." She replies, "I can't. Will you stay with me?" to which he quickly replies "I can't stay. The Mrs. wouldn't allow it and plus i gotta go. I gotta deliever these presents." she looked a bit sad, then she took off her pajama top. "Now will you stay with me??" she asks. "Gotta go gotta go, gotta deliever these presents." She takes off her pajama bottoms. "Now will you stay with me??" "Gotta go gotta go, gotta deliever these presents." she sighs, then takes off her bra. "Now will you stay with me?" He replies, "Gotta go gotta go, gotta deliever these presents." She sighs again and lets out a frustrated groan, then she takes off her panties. in an aggrivated tone she asks, n "NOW will you stay with me?? PLEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEE??????" he replies "Gotta Stay Gotta stay Can't go up the chimney wit my dick this way!!!!"


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categories: celebrities, entertainment, people holidays, vacations sex, sexuality





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