The sneaky Hobo

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One day a hobo got on a bus and seen an extremely hot nun on the bus sitting right next to him.

So he asked the nun to have sex with him and she replies "no!" At the next stop she immediatly got off, to get away from the hobo..The bus driver spotted the hobo and told him how to have sex with the nun."ever tuesday she prays in the cemetary to god. Go up to her in a jesus costume and tell her to have sex with you..Being a nun she will probably do anything god asks."

So the hobo thanked the bus driver and got off the bus to buy a costume of jesus.

When Tuesday rolled around the hobo went to the cemetary and just like the bus driver said she was praying to god. So the hobo went up to her in the jesus costume and said "i am jesus and i command you to have sex with me!!" the nun camly replied "yes jesus, but being a nun my pussy belongs to god"

So, the hobo went on giving it to the nun in the bum. After he was done He felt real manly and decided to tell the nun that it was really the hobo not jesus..So he did.."Hah nun its me the hobo!" and the nun replied" Hah hobo its me the bus driver!"


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CBOEV_The sneaky Hobo

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