Never be Perfect

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Once apon a time, there was a little girl named Christine. Christine was perfect. Every morning she would sit in her perfect bed and eat perfect toast and drink perfect orange juice. Then she would put on her perfect clothes and go to school. Where she would sit at her perfect desk, and write perfect papers and talk with her perfect friends.

One day, While Christine sat in her perfect bed and ate her perfect toaat and drank perfect orange juice, she looked out her perfect window and saw a perfect little puppy sitting across the road. She exclaimed in her perfect voice "I found a perfect puppy! Now every morning it can sit on my perfect bed and eat perfect toast and drink perfect orange juice. Then it can go to school with me and sit by my perfect desk and my perfect friends and pat it on the head! I must get it!"

So Christine runs across the road and gets hit by a car.

The moral of this story you ask?

Never cross the street without looking.


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