working men

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There were three men that worked in construction on a really tall building, an australian, american and an irishman.

Every day for work they got the same sandwiches in their lunchboxes: penut butter and jam and they were all sick of it. One day the australian said to his work mates if i get the same sandwich again tomorrow im going to committ suicide and jump off this building. His workmate agreed and they made a pact.

The next day they all opened there lunchboxes and found the same penut butter and jam sandwiches. The australian jumps off the building and then the american and then the irishman.

They day after that the 3 workers wives came together and mourned for their husbands death. The wives were told by their husbands boss that they committed suicide because of the same sandwiches they had to eat each day.

The australian wife said, "he could have told me that he did want it anymore and i would have made a different sandwich" the american wife said the same and agreed with her. The irish wife said dont look at me my husband makes his own sandwiches!


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