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My friend has an older brother that works at a paper mill. This rednack came in wanting work. The boss didn't really want to hire him, but he didn'e want to look like he was discriminating. "Okay" he said to the cajun. "I'm gonna give ya three tests that deal woth pictures." "Okay" replied the redneck.

"First test: draw a picture with the number 9." The rdneck took the paper and pencil then drew three trees. "Tree plus tree plus tree equals nine."

"Okay now draw one with the number 99" The redneck took the picture, licked his thumb then wiped it on the three trees." Dirty tree plus dirty tree plus dirty tree equals ninety nine." The boss is getting real mad now. Because he knows that he only has one more chance to keep the redneck from getting the job.

"Okay, I've been goin easy with the odd numbers, now draw one with the number 100!" The redneck took back the paper look at it for a while, then drew a black lump beside each tree. "Dirty tree and a terd plus dirty tree and a terd plus dirty tree and a terd equals 100."

The redneck is now CEO.


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