Climbing the ladder to Success

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A man called Jeremy was walking along a street, when he saw this building with a really, really ugly lady standing outside of it. The lady was standing next to a sign which said, "Climb the ladder to success". Jeremy asked the ugly woman what the sign was about. The lady said, "You can have sex with me, or climb the ladder to success. But once you go up a floor, you cannot go down." Jeremy said that he'd climb the ladder.

So Jeremy climbed up the ladder where he found this woman (who was average looking) standing alone in a room with a bed in the corner. The woman said, "You can have sex with me or climb the ladder to success".

Jeremy decided to climb the ladder, where he found the most attractive woman he had ever seen. The woman said, "You can have sex with me or climb the ladder to success." After much thinking he decided to climb the ladder to the final floor to see what could possibly be better than this woman on the floor below.

So Jeremy reached the room where all he found was another man, standing naked. When Jeremy asked the man who he was and what he was doing here, the man replied, "Hi, I'm Ses..."


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CBMJY_Climbing the ladder to Success

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