The Bad Helecopter Flight...for someone

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There was a Pilot, Michael Jordan, Adolf Hitler, The Pope, and a little boy on a helecopter. Suddenly the helecopter was caught in a fire but the helecopter couldn't land.

There was 4 parachutes but 5 people. First the Pilot grabbed a a parachute and said "I deserve to live or else there would be no flight right now." and then he jumped with his parachute.

Michael Jordan grabbed a parachute and said "I deserve to live or else there would be no basketball." and then he jumped with his parachute.

Adolf Hitler grabbed a parachute and said "IVE DEZERVE TO WIVE BECAUSE I AM A NAZI!!" and he jumped down with his parachute.

There was only 1 parachute left but The Pope and the little boy were still there. The Pope said "You deserve the last parachute little boy, your life is going to be more lively than mine..." The little boy said " Oh! theres still 2 parachutes!! Hitler just jumped off with my backpack."


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CBLRF_The Bad Helecopter Flight...for someone

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