The 3 men and a wizard!

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There were 3 men, Adam, Ben and Carl who all got captured by a wizard! He said I will release you but first you must go down this slide. BUT remember what ever you say go down the slide you will land in.

So Adam went first and shouted GOLD so he landed in a pool of gold and he gathered what he could and then ran home.” I’m rich, I’m rich yes!” He screamed as he ran home.

Secondly Ben went and shouted SILVER so he landed in a pool of silver and he gathered it up and then ran home.” Great, I’ll never be poor again” He exclaimed.

So lastly Carl went down however he was really excited so he went flying down and shouted WEEEEEEE! And then sadly landed in a pool of wee .As soon as he realised he swam as fast as he could out and ran home to have a bath. ”O crud I smell like a public toilet” he cried.


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CBKOB_The 3 men and a wizard!

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