The leprechaun

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Two leprechauns walk into a convent in Ireland. One aks to see the head nun. He asks her, "Do you have any midget nuns in your convent?" "No I sorry we don't." Meanwhile the second leprechaun starts to giggle. The first leprechaun then asks, "Well what about in all of Ireland?" "No we just had a nun convention and there were no midget nuns there." The second leprechaun begins to laugh harder. The first leprechaun then asks, "Well what about in all of Europe. "No we just had an all of Europe convention too and there were no midget nuns." The second leprechaun laughs harder. The first leprechaun is getting frustrated so he asks, "What about the whole world. THERE HAS TO BE A MIDGET NUN IN ALL OF THE WORLD." "No I'm really sorry. We had a world convention too and there were no midget nuns." Very disapointed the leprechaun leaves with his freind, who is now hysterical. Once they get outside the second leprechaun looks at the first, very dissapointed, leprechaun and says, "I TOLD YOU THAT YOU WERE FUCKIN'A PENGUIN."


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