Welcome to Hell

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One day Bob was walking down the street when an enormous bus hitts him full on, killing him instantly.

In a flash of light Bob is in Hell! He looks around and see's the devil walking towards him.

"Why the long face?" the devil asks,

"Well look at me, I'm in Hell!" Bob replied,

"Oh come on its not so bad," the devil said "Hey, you like beer?"

"Well, yeah, sure I do." Bob said

"Well then your gonna love Friday's. Friday is beer night! You can drink all you want and you don't have to worry about hang over's or alcohol poison, cause' your dead!"

"Hey that is pretty cool. But its still Hell." Bob said

"Well, do you like gambling?" The devil asked

"Yeah, I do a lot." Bob said

"Well then your gonna love Saturday's. Saturday is bet night! You can bet all you want, and you never run out of money, cause' your dead!"

"Well Hell sounds alright I guess." Bob replied a little happier,

"Well do you like girls?" The Devil asked,

"You bet!" Bob said

"Well then your gonna LOVE Sunday's. Sunday is lady's night! You can have sex with any girl you want, and you don't have to worry about STD's or getting a girl pregnat, cause' your dead!"

"Wow, Hells pretty awesome." Bob said,

"Hey, are you gay?" The Devil asked,

"No!" shouted Bob,

"Oh, well your gonna hate Monday's..."


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