Blonde in a Bag

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There were three women running away from the police because of drunk driving, a brunette, a redhead, and a blonde. They all ran to an abandoned building and went inside. There were lots of bags, with a name of an animal or vegtable labeled on the bags. The brunette hid in a bag labeled, CATS. The redhead hid in a bag labeled, DOGS. The blonde hid in a bag labeled POTATOES. The police came and checked the building. The came upon a moving bag with the brunette in it. She heard them and immediatly said, "Meow, meow!" The police looked puzzled but moved on. They came upon a moving bag with the redhead in it. She immediatly said, "Woof, woof!" The police were getting suspicious but moved on. The came across the bag with the blonde in it. The knew something was up when the bag was moving because it was labeled POTATOES. The blonde, decided to copy her friends' plan and said, "Potato, potato!"


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