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little jonny was in his first day of school, and everyone was telling their favorite colours, "what's you're favorite jonny?" asked the teacher, " my favorite colour is deep purple!" answerd jonny proudly "OMG YOU ARE A BAD LITTLE KID, GO TO THE PRINCIBLES OFFICE!" yelled the teacher madly "little jonny was frightend, he didn't no what he said wrong but he went to the office anyway. "What did you do wrong?" asked the princible, "all i said was that my favorite colour was deep purple and-" "YOU SAID WHAT?!?! I DON'T WANT YOU IN MY SCHOOL! YOU'RE EXPELD!" and theprinible kicked poor clueless jonny out of the school. Jonny came home and his mom asked why he was in trouble and of course, he said," all i said was that my favorite colour was deep purple and the-" "YOU SAID WHAT?! NO WOWNDER HE KICKED YOU OUT, GO UPSATIRS AND WAIT UNTIL YOUR DAD COMES HOME!" sceamed Jonny's mom and little Jonny ran upstairs to his room and waited. Finally when his dad came home, Dad asked why his mom was upset with him and he asnwerd," i got in trouble in school for saying my favorite colour was deep purple and-" " I DON'T WANT YOU LIVING UNDER THIS ROOF, I THOUGHT I RAISED A GOOD SON BUT I GUESS I WAS WRONG, NOW LEAVE!" yelled his dad, and he cave him a backback of supplies and left. Little poor sad Jonny was crying on the street when goerge bush came and asked, "Why are you crying?" "I said deep purple and ev-" "WHAT!? I DONT WANT YOU IN THIS COUNTRY , LEAVE THIS COUNTRY ALONE!" yelled goerge bush at the little boy and gave him an aiplane ticket to a country half way around the world. When Jonny was on the plane, the stewerdess asked,"what's with all the crying?" "its all because i said deep purple and -" "OMG, GO TO THE POILET NOW, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH YOU!" and jpnny left to the poilet, he asked, "Do you want to see how the controlls work, son?"asked the poilet "no, the stewerdess sent me here because i said deep purple -"I DON'T WANT YOU TERRORISTS ON MY PLANE!" and the poilet gave the little boy a parachute and off jonny went. Jonny met a granny on the street and asked why he was crying and jonny because tired of all the yelling ran accross the street and unfortunetly got hit buy a truck.

So what's the moral to this story? look before you cross the street.


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by Samanatha F. 1+ years ago

Sooooo not funny, I mean what even happened to the f*cking deep purple part of the joke??? AND WE ALL F*CKING KNOW TO LOOK WHEN WE F*CKING CROSS THE STREET

Reply to Samanatha F.'s comment
CBGIR_deep purple

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