The Truck Driver, The Priest, And The Lawyer

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A truck driver named Barry was driving along one day, when he saw a priest standing at the side of the road. Barry stopped the truck and asked the priest if he wanted a lift. The priest said, "Ok," and climbed in.

They had been driving along for a while, and they saw a lawyer standing at the side of the road. The priest had been so quiet that Barry had forgotten he was there, so Barry steered towards the lawyer with the intention of picking him up. At the last moment, Barry remembered that the priest was in the truck, and swerved away, almost hitting the lawyer. As he swerved, he heard a strange thump.

When they were back on the road, Barry turned to the priest and said, "I'm sorry, father, I almost hit that lawyer." The priest replied, "That's okay, I got him with my door."


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CBGAJ_The Truck Driver, The Priest, And The Lawyer

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