You know your getting to fat when.......

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1. You need renovations to get the hall bigger.

2. You havent seen your feet in the last 6 months.

3. Your arms are at a 50 degree angle when you are standing up with them relaxed.

4. You live in Alaska, but you notice it is still a little bit warm......

5. You sink in the water.

6. When you lay down, you can still see the top of alot of things.

7. No light gets into your shadow.

8. You can never wear fur coats or people will mistake you for bigfoot.

9. You get a two seeted car but there is only room for one.

10. You were involved in a chase, your car crashed and you ask for a teenagers bike, no matter how much money you offer him, you still end up walking.

11. When you go to a parent teacher conference, the teacher always reserves a "Special" seat for you, unlike the rest of the parents, who sit on their kids chairs.

12. Your child seems to be recieving a suprisingly large amount of, "Yo mamas so fat" jokes from their piers.

13. When you got a maskot job a "Elly the elephant" the zookeepers there took you in for two days until they learnt you could talk.

14. Nobody ever invites you to walks anymore

15. One of these things has actually happened to you.


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CBG8A_You know your getting to fat when.......

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