englishman, irishman, and scottishman

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there was an englishman, irishman, and scottishman, they were all very tired and wanted a place to stay, they went to so mant differant hotels and motels but nothing, untill they came across this run down hotel. They all walk in and the englishman said "do you have any rooms?" The kind man replied "yes as a matter of fact we do, a bed of nails, a bed of fire and a bed of fleas, what about them?" "They seem fine thatnkyou." said the irishman. they all walked into there room, the irishman had the bed of fire, the englishman had the bed of nails and the scottishman had the bed of fleas. They went to bed and in the morning they woke up and camplained about there nigh. The english man said "my night was horrible, those nails were so hard, i have scars!!" the irish man said " yeah well my bed of fire was so hot i had to oen a window and i still was swetting, i have 1st degree burns!!" the scottishman said "mt night was faboulas!!" they all asked him why. he said "well i only had to kill one flea and the rest went to the funeral!"


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CBFMU_englishman, irishman, and scottishman

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