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Dirty Johnny's ABC's

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Dirty Johnny was attending his kindergarden class. Everyone called him Dirty Johnny because he was the only child in the class who knew all of the swear words.

One day the teacher decided to teach her class the ABC's. In the lesson, the teacher would say the letter, and ask if anyone knew a word beginning with that letter.

so she started it off with the letter A.

Dirty Johnny raised his hand and the teacher called on him. "Asshole" was Dirty Johnny's response.

"Do not swear in my classroom" snapped the teacher. She then asked "does anyone know a word beginning with the letter B?"

Dirty Johnny raised his hand and the teacher called on him. "Bitch" was Dirty Johnny's response

"I told you not to swear in my classroom, now I am not going to call on you for the remainder of the day because you cannot control your language."

so the teacher got throught the rest of the lesson with the other students, all of the way to the letter R. None of the other children new a word beginning with R. Dirty Johnny was the only one who raised his hand.

"Well there are no swear words beginning with 'R', so i suppose it would be safe to call on him." Thought the teacher as she called on Dirty Johnny

"A Rat" answered Dirty Johnny "A rat with a 10 inch Dick!"


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