56 ways to piss off your teacher

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1."Fall asleep" with a loud KLUNK

2. Begin snoring loudly

3."Sleep talk" about the teacher

4. Fall out of your chair

5. Get up and act like nothing happened

6. Ask if cannibalism should be legal

7. Afterwads ask if the teacher is still coming for dinner...

8. OVER for dinner

9. Stand up in the middle of class and yell," BORING!!!"

10. When asked to sit, say,"IDONTWANNA!"

11. Dare the teacher to make you sit down

12. Bring a box with a clock in it and leave it there

13. When (s) he is turned around, throw a spitball

14. When she accuses you exclaim,"How!?Why do you say it's me....hold on" then bring out you spitball gun and spit one right in his/her face

15. Ask if (s) he is a drug addict

16. When (s) he denies it, tell him/her she looks like one

17. Ask if (s) he is gay/lezbo

18. Get the class to start doing the wave

19. When something is said over the intercom, drop down screaming, THE VOICES ARE BACK!!!

20. Argue with "the voices" saying that you will kill him/her later

21. Think aloud (especially during a test)

22. during class cover your ears and begin singing loudly, I Can’t HEAR you LALALALALALALALALA!!

23. Place gum everywhere on the teacher's chair (it's even better when the teacher hates gum!)

24. Color on the chalkboard and hide her eraser

25. Argue with the teacher about something stupid (like paper is not made of wood)

26. See how long you can keep her arguing. Try to use the whole period

27. In the end admit that you were wrong and you knew it the whole time.

28. Have the same argument the next day

29. Bring a plastic doughnut to school and keep it in plain view

30. Try to eat it in class

31. When asked to stop, challenge the teacher to find where it says that you can't eat plastic in class

32. Roll your papers up, challenging others to duels

33. Get a friend to fake a fight with you

34. Sit in the back of class and make out with yourself, loudly

35. Start a sing-along

36. Beg the teacher to join in

37. Grab something off of the teacher’s desk and run under yours saying, “my PRECIOUS!!”

38. Show everyone your amazing belly-button

39. Knok on your desk and see how many times the teacher will answer the door before (s) he figures it out

40. Copy the teacher

41. Pretend that you are deaf

42. Every 10 minuets pack up everything and move to another seat

43. When the teacher asks what you are doing say that you are losing THEM

44. Stare at the teacher

45. Wolf Whistle at the teacher

46. Tap a popular tune or tap every second

47. Begin whistling

48. Get others to join in

49. When asked to stop, start humming

50. Hum the theme to Jaws

51. At the end of the song, throw something at him/her

52. Sit near the telephone, pick it up and begin a one-sided phone sex

53. When asked to stop, tell him/her that you still have 3 minuets

54. Whenever she tries to speak, yell SHUT UP

55. Sneak up behind him/her and when (s) he turns around say BOO!

56. By now, if you are not already in the office, the teacher should be good and crazy by now. There is only one thing left to do. Fall on the ground and begin laughing hysterically. Get up and say, “See you tomorrow!”


Do it all in one period


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by Lee W. 1+ years ago

I think I've found why Josh M can't spell minutes

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CBESZ_56 ways to piss off your teacher

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