Girls Behaving Badly

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At a private school for girls their arose a behavior issue that the principal was struggling with. It seems that the girls would go to the restroom and apply their makeup during the day. This, however was not the problem. The problem occurred when these girls, with their freshly applied lipstick, would press their lips to the mirror to leave their luscious lip prints on the mirror.

Every day the janitor would have to clean the lipstick smeared mirrors. Even after the principle's threats of punishment the girls still managed to graffiti the mirrors with their painted lips.

Finally the principal and the janitor came up with the solution. The principal brought the girls to the bathroom and explained to them that if they were going to continue to "kiss" the mirrors with their freshly painted lips then they should at least see how much work it was for the janitor to clean them. The janitor took his squigie wand, dipped it into the toilet and scrubbed the mirror with the toilet water. After squiging the mirror clean he turned to see the pale stricken faces of all the girls...who never "kissed" the mirrors again.


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