a little head

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There was a guy that walked into a bar, he had a abnormally small head. He sat down at the bar and asked the bar tender for a rum in coke. The bar tender ignored his small head, got him his drink, and sent him on his way.

The next day the guy with the small head comes in again, and sits down at the bar. The bar tender recognizes him and tries to serve him and get him out of there before he scares the customers away. So the guy orders a white russian. The bar tender got him his drink and sent him on his way.

Then the next day the guy came into the bar again, and sits down at the bar, and this time the bar tender thought about a nice way to ask him about his small head. So the guy orders a Pepsi with a splash of tequilla. The bar tender gives him his drink and says, "if you don't mind me asking sir, what happened to your head"? The looked at the bar tender with a frown and said, "Well i was stranded on this deserted island for 5 days and i came across a genie lamp. I rubbed the lamp and out came the hottest genie i had ever seen. And she said that she would grant me 3 wishes. So my first wish was for food so that i wouldn't starve to death. My second wish was for a boat to get off the island. And when the beautiful genie asked me what my 3rd wish was i said... "how bout a little head?"


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