Haunted hotel room(Ima gonna getcha!)

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(this is similer to other jokes,but with different ending)

A man had just gotten his car broken down, so he went to the nearest hotel to ask if he could stay for the night.

"May I please get a room here?" asked the man "Sure, but the only one left is on he 13th floor and its hauted," "I don't care ," so the clerk gave him the key and off the man went. In the middle of the night he heard from the closet "Ima gonna getcha,Ima gonna getcha!" the man go so scared he jumped out the window. The next day, same thing happend:a man asked for a room, the only one left was the haunted one, the man didn't care.In the middle of the night he heard, "Ima gonna getcha, Ima gonna getcha!" the man got so scaredd he jumped out the window. Next day another man got the same room and in the middle of the night he heard "Ima gonna getcha, Ima gonna getcha!" but this man wasn't scared, he opended the closet and found a 3 year-old boy picking his nose saying, "Ima gonna getcha, Ima gonna getcha!"


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CBDQW_Haunted hotel room(Ima gonna getcha!)

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