fart blast

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One day 3 men were flying in a n airplane over a counrty they all hated, they wanted to do something so the first one said,"this is what I think of this country," and he drops a sword out the window and waits. Then the second one says ," this is what I also think of this place," and drops a sword and waits. Then the third one says," Swords don't do anything," and he drops a bomb and waits.

45 mintues later the plane has to land to weather dificulties,so the 3 look around to see what happened to the things they droped

they found a man crying because his cat was killed from a sword droped from the sky and they ran away laughing,they found a man crying beacuse his dog was killed by a sword dropped from the sky, they ran away laughing,later they ound another man luaghing SUPER HARD! and they asked why, he said,"I FARTED AND THE BUILDING BEHIND ME EXPLODED !"


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