A blonde and blueprints

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One day, a builder, Mr. Fletcher, made up blueprints for a house. He got his entire crew of builders together, and told them the plan. Then, the day before the house was to be built, he had to tend a family emergency right away. He had no choice but to pass them to a blonde, Jessica. He told her everything, what to do, when to do it, and all of the necessary tools. He then left. When he came back, he went to Jessica's house. She took him to the house that she and her team built, and as they neared the corner she made him close his eyes. Then, she led him in. Everything in the house was perfect! The bathtubs were even bigger than in the blueprint, and they had jacuzzi installed! She put on personal decorations, and it was magnificent! He told Jessica that this house would easily sell for millions! When they left , he looked on the outside of the house, and saw that it was covered with records! The entire outside wall was just records! He asks Jessica why the outside wall was covered with records. She says, "Well, it clearly says in your blueprint that you wanted a vinyl siding."


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CBCZE_A blonde and blueprints

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