Hungry and Thirsty

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Three men were walking in a desert. They had no money or rations on them and they had been walkin for about 2 weeks and they were starvin and really thirsty.

Luckily they came across a beach hotel. They decided that they had three shots at getting a meal and a drink. The first man went in and said "Can i have something to eat for i have been lost in the desert for weeks?"

The manager said "Ok but only if you pick all the scabs off my daughter in room 231 2 floors up and get them away from this hotel!"

The man obviously refused. The second and third men had tries too but got the same response! The second man refused immediately but the third man accepted!!!

So he walked up to room 231 2 floors up and found the manager's daughter. He explained the situation and got to work. He needed a place to put the scabs so he found a crisp packet in the dustbin. The blood that came out needed a place to go as well so the man found an empty coke can in the dustbin. He threw the crisp packet and the coke can out the window and went down for his meal.

Afterwards he went out and bragged to the other men. They said to him, "oh well we dont care - we just had a pack of crips and a can of coke!


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