There was this boy , name not sure, and on his first day of kindergarten, his teacher asked what his name was.Billy, as we will call him, said he does not know, so his teacher said to go home and ask what his name was.So that day he went home and walked up to his mom, doing karate, and said mom, what is my name, and she said haya(karate sound).Then he went to his dad who was watching a 49ers game, and he said dad what is my name, and his dad said 49ers 49ers 49ers!.So then he went to his brother who was doin skating tricks and saying them, and he said brother what is my name?and his brother said ollie!And then he went to his sister who was on the phone, and he said sister what is my name?And she said yes ill go with you!So he went to scholl the next day and his teacher said so what is your name and he said haya!She said one more time, what is your name?and he said 49ers 49ers 49ers!So his teacher said ok one last time what is your name?And he said ollie!So she said do you want to go to the principle's office?and he said yes, i'll go with you!so he came home with a red butt and his mom said son, why is your butt red, and he replied, 49ers lost.


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