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Making Sandwiches

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One night a girl named Tina went out on a date with her boyfriend Alex. After the date Tina was feeling extremely horny and invited Alex back to her place to do the wild thing, Because Tina house is guite small she shares a bunk bed with her little sister, Tina sleeps on the top. It was very late when they went up to Tina's bed and they started fooling around when he erected they decided to speak in code while having sex so Tina's sister wouldn't understand. Tina said "Lets say tomato when we want to go harder and lettuce when we want to go faster.

So they both got into position and started going at it the speed was slow and pleasurble but Tina felt rather kinky and decided to take it up a notch."Tomato lettuce " she said and alex went harder and faster. After a while tina got bored and said "tomato lettuce tomato lettuce" So they both went harder and faster than they'd ever been until the heard Tina's sister say: "Quit making sandwiches up there your spilling mayonaise on my head".


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submitted: 1+ years ago

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categories: sex, sexuality





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CBASV_Making Sandwiches

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