Karate Dog

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One day a man named John decided that he needed some security for his home. He went to the pet store and asked for the best guard dog they had. The shopkeeper showed him to a cage where a tiny, inocent looking dog sat. "This is a guard dog?!" John asked in disbelief. "Yep" replied the shopkeeper, "this dog knows karate. Allow me to give a demonstration." He led the dog out of its cage and said to it, "Karate that chair!". The dog jumped in the air and karate chopped the chair into tiny pieces. "Wow, that's amazing" said John. "let me give you one more demonstration." Said the shopkeeper. "Karate that cage!" The dog karate chopped straight through the metal bars. "I'll take it!" Exclaimed John excitedly.

When John got home, he showed his new guard dog to his neighbor. When John's neighbor saw the dog he said "There's no way that is a guard dog!" John replied, "This dog knows karate!" "Karate my ass!" replied the neighbor.


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